Why PK-3 Leadership?

The economic, achievement, and societal benefits of quality early education are well documented. Current research to better understand brain development and cognition gives urgency to focusing on birth to age 5 learning and growth. Creating coherence within and across learning systems from PreK to 3rd grade has shown that learning gaps can be reduced and opportunities for future success enhanced.

The cadre of early childhood advocates is growing. They are fostering collaborative cultures and continuous improvement with coherent plans based on a comprehensive PK-3rd grade approach. Their equity lens is sharper as is their ability to communicate clearly and credibly on this topic with diverse stakeholders. It is critical that every early childhood leader understands the developmental, curricular, and assessment needs along the PreK – 3rd Grade continuum so they can lead with expertise that strengthens children’s school success and opens up possibilities for brighter futures.

Program Design

We believe an executive style program best serves our intended audience. In order to develop collective responsibility and advocacy for leading PK3, central office leaders, private preschool leaders, and school and teacher leaders are encouraged to participate in this program.  To ensure optimal learning, the cohort size is limited to twenty. The program has three thirty-hour modules – Curriculum and Instruction (July); Assessment and Evaluation (Fall); and Leading for Equity, Excellence, and Early Success (Spring).

The focus is adult learning with active engagement and relevancy. Cohort members are asked to apply the program content to their organization, with a lens on continuous improvement as they experience learning with researchers and practitioners.

Where do we meet?

We use the ACES Professional Development facility in Hamden, Conn. Its central location and proximity to highways makes it accessible to participants from across the state.